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Home to nearly 200,000 people, the port city of Sunderland lies on the north east coast at the mouth of the river Wear.

The people of the city - known as 'Makems' - have long had a fairly good-natured rivalry with their Geordie neighbours in Newcastle, be it between competing shipyards or football teams.

It was the city's successful shipbuilders that made Sunderland what it is today, indeed up until the early 90's some of the yards were still operational as was the last local coal-mine - the Sunderland FC ground now occupies this site.

In the recent past the city has seen troubled financial times, but now it is certainly on the up: the giant Nissan motor plant in town has created thousands of jobs, manufacturing and electronics have also blossomed, the Sunderland business park now houses such names as Barclays and Nike, to name a few.

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